Marvelous Maggie on Halloween!

This was first actual Halloween that the Magster got to go trick-or-treating out on the town, so I thought I'd share some pictures. I went for the standard easy costume for her first time. Ears and a tail, black clothes - easy mouse! She always plays pretend with "mousey" being her two fingers walking around on Legos or my arm and whatnot, so it was pretty easy to decide. It was that or a paper bag of groceries with arms and legs... which would have been funnier but no one liked it but me. Ah well, she liked the mouse costume.

This is before going out - lookin' a little worried, but ready to get some candy:

This is on the road with Dad:

Here's one that her oldest sister got of her once it got dark out - which is just a totally cool picture:

And here's the last one, home again with the horde. She mostly opened the candy, took a bite, then said "yucky" and handed it over to a sibling.

Maggie did pretty well, but was very tired when it was all over. Now she'll just be happy that she gets to play with her ears and tail whenever she wants.


(and I am going back to watching Ghost Hunters)