MOO Minicards!!!!

YAY!! I got my MOO minicards today! They are SO cool and such nice quality, I can barely believe it. The box (holds 100 cards) you see in the background is hard plastic, not cardboard - which was a nice surprise. The cards themselves are so bright and happy, sturdier than any business card I've ever seen, and 100x cooler.
On the back it just is my avatar on the right, then my shop url, my name and my email address on the left. I got to choose all the pictures myself and out of the 12 photos I chose, I think I'd only change two of them (but that's my fault, not MOO's). The rest turned out beautifully. I am so happy, I couldn't wait to purchase this from splatgirl:

It's so damn cute! I started looking at them while waiting for my MOO cards to arrive. WOOHOO! Now I don't have to worry about more business cards for awhile. Yippy!


Wooo! I actually had oodles of time this past weekend to go out to the shop and cut and grind a bunch of glass for the week. The little trinket box sold quickly - my first international customer. (Who happened to have my maiden name - it's a sign! Of what? I don't know...) I cut a couple more trinket boxes and did some other things that hopefully, I will get foiled and out this week.

Then last night, unable to sleep, I worked on some non-rabbit ACEOs and got 4 done. Sadly, two of them are really hard to get good pictures of because of the bright contrasting colors. I'll putz around with it and see if I can't figure it out. I listed two of them today, since I don't actually have any glass finished yet. Needless to say, I'm feeling pretty productive for now!


Light Blue Iridescent Glass Trinket Box

I made this little box hoping it'd be a good item for Mother's Day. It's pretty cool with all the iridescent colors (which are so hard to catch with a camera).

When I went in to list it, someone had bought one of the whirligigs for Mother's Day! That was a happy surprise.

Boxes can be such a pain, especially when the lids are hinged, but this one wasn't too bad. Adding the decorative nuggets to the top was taken from another, much larger, box I had done.


Purple Abstract Suncatcher

Purple Abstract Suncatcher
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There. I made some glass - I know, I know - it's not anything super unique (for me) but I was out there "picking up my tools" in an effort to get back into the groove with glasswork.

I also finished off another little copper wire whirligig and another ACEO card. And, of course, I could not dole them out a day at a time into my shop - I had to list them all RIGHT NOW. So tomorrow when I have nothing new finished, I'll wish I would have waited.

I know myself so well, but am powerless against me!


City People ACEO

City People ACEO
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Here's a non-rabbit ACEO that will most likely sit in my shop for a while.


***added a few hours later****

Uh, yea. Sold already. Along with the last remaining Rabbit ACEO.


big sigh

After a stellar month, I'm in another slump.

I don't think I ever realized how much creative energy waxed and waned with me. And of course, my shop is all but empty - so I'm feeling obligated to get busy with something. I really need to organize myself better for these times, maybe have projects waiting ...

Some good advice I read once, said during times like this it is best just to pick up the tools of your trade and do something - anything - to get yourself back into the swing of things. I think I have gone out to look at my glass about 10 times in the past few days, each time walking back into the house having accomplished nothing other than making myself more frustrated.



Whimsy Rabbit III ACEO

Whimsy Rabbit III ACEO
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Just did a few more ACEOs today. I think they turned out pretty well, and it was a lovely relaxing day after a rather busy week.

Of course, there's only one card left available at this time - and this is not the one.



gallery on hold

Turns out the gallery folks weren't in any rush to get the items they picked, so I went ahead and relisted them since I have some interest in a few of them. *sigh* It wasn't bad at all, but having kind of "one of those days" anyhow.

The gallery will take whatever items of those they picked which don't sell in the next month, and perhaps even some to replace those that do. We'll see. It's still kosher, actually quite kosher, considering I could relist them easily and the gallery woman is totally fine with that.

I just didn't like the idea of them sitting around collecting dust when they could be for sale somewhere. In the meantime, heh - it feels kind of odd having pieces going back and forth from sold to available, but hopefully it won't matter to anyone. It sure isn't mattering to the lovely woman who is interested in this one, which had the most views of anything in my shop - almost double actually (before I had to relist):

I'm so glad it is finally getting more than a passing interest.



Ha! Bet that title won't come up in any searches ...

I am feeling a bit stunned. Yesterday, seven pieces to a gallery and today two swell sales to a very wonderful repeat customer's mother, with a sort-of custom order on top of it. Woo!!!!! How cool. Feelin' blessed or lucky or something. *big happy sigh*

Finally, I did this little experiment that had been bouncing around in my head for weeks. It was fun, and I could totally see going way bigger and more multicolored with one of these.

I used to work with wire all the time - having made numerous mobiles and things for friends and family (even myself), but had never tried it with copper wire & glass. It turned out pretty cool!

On a side note - my shop is looking mighty bare. Good thing I got my hands dirty today again - priming myself for some major glass time coming up.


gallery bound glass

Seven of my pieces will now be heading to a gallery.

It's a woman I am acquainted with through my brother, who has his pottery there, and I gave her the go-ahead to pick some items from my shop that she would be interested in having at her gallery.

That was back in February - and she selected the items last night. It's all good, but was momentarily shocking when 7 of my items were "sold" in one evening. I immediately called my brother to talk about it. I was a little thrown by it, only because I didn't see it coming. Also, I had just gotten to a comfortable spot in my online shop where I felt like the glass was looking good and I could take a little breather from the constant push to put up new pieces. And, of course, the whole money thing - if I sell it on Etsy, the money is 100% mine, whereas in a gallery I take a loss of 40%.

BUT, after talking it out with my brother, I decided that it's all good. The exposure in a new venue will be interesting, and it won't hurt to at least try the gallery gig (considering that's how most artists tend to sell their work, besides art shows). It's a new experience!

And, a big point, I should never have sat back and thought my shop was "good enough" - it's a good thing to be challenged to get more glass out there! In a way, it's a well-timed kick in the pants to quit being lazy, with glass anyhow.



I finally went ahead and illustrated and listed a Moleskine Cahier notebook. It was so fun, and turned out pretty well. I was afraid I would screw it up, since I don't sketch it out first - but I used one of my favorite designs that I'm used to doing, so that took out the risk factor a little bit.

Where's the glass, you say? Well, it's in my head at the moment. (Ew, that sounded bad.) I have a new idea, but just haven't gotten out there to do it. The ACEOs selling so well, and the new PITT pens have really made me lean towards illustration right now. The glass is just waiting patiently for me. I have quite a few pieces up in the shop ... wishing some of those would sell.

Funnily, the scratched piece sold within a day or so. Apparently, it was a pleasing design (at a nice price).


fickle me & end of a series

I ended up listing the scratched piece anyhow. It is so pretty, and the scratches are only visible when you are up next to it in the right light. Such a pity to let it sit unloved in a box - and my personal collection is large enough!I put it up for $10 less than I was going to sell it for, so maybe some bargain hunter will find it and love it as much as I do. I've already gotten a few requests to make more like it ... I was thinking perhaps the woman that wanted an ACEO collection box might enjoy the design and maybe I'd use it for that. But, there isn't enough of that glass left, so it means a trip to the supply store, which was in the works anyhow.

In other breaking news - I got my new art pens!!! The FedEx delivery guy was laughing at me because I literally bounced out of my door to get the package from him. Then I bounced around the kitchen for awhile before I even opened the box. *happy sigh*

So the first series of rabbit art cards is officially over, here's a link to the entire collection: Rabbit Series 1

On to Series 2. WooooHOOO



Heh, this grumble is short and sweet - but has a little moral.

Working on a new panel, I was excited to see it finished and noticed some little scratches on one piece of glass. Normally, I would cut out another piece and replace it. But oh no! Not this time. I would say I don't know why I didn't listen to that little voice - but I do. I was strapped for glass time and had finally got a panel cut, ground, and foiled. I saw the scratches during the foiling and just ignored them! Like a complete idiot.

Needless to say, the panel is still beautiful - but I wouldn't sell it. So now, I have a choice: either remake it, or let it go. I do not like repeating a design, but the design is too nice to let it just go.

I should listen to that little voice. It's one of those things. If you don't listen to the inner voice, then you can easily see why you should have when things go awry. If you DO listen to it, chances are you will never know if listening actually fixed a potential problem.

I have been given this lesson countless times, and still fail to learn it. heh - lesson learned, again.


the little things

I will say this: With my ACEOs selling out the same day I list them, my shop is looking pretty cool with all the colorful glass all lined up nicely on the front page, in order of listing date. Heh, I might actually have to change the name of the shop from a play on "hodgepodge" to "CJ's Stained Glass".

Having the shop is fun. I really am enjoying getting to know people, and being challenged to keep it fresh and updated. I upgraded my Flickr account to Pro status, which is also new and fun. Of course, with the shop looking so focused, my Flickr is a complete mess! Pictures of kids, glass, art, other people's art, a shot of my geranium... yea. The hodgepodge is thriving on that site, to be sure.

Right now, I'm just listing my little mini abstract freeform panels. They're nice looking and affordable, and quick to do - while I think on what my next bigger project is going to be. I also am busy feeling guilty for neglecting other sites, such as deviantArt and a few of my social bookmarking spaces. Ah well.


keeping stocked

I'm having a bit of trouble keeping my ACEO cards stocked. I have an absolutely fabulous person who loves them - and buys them out the minute I put them up. This is sooo cool! But, it is hell on my stock for the shop. Luckily, the art card group I am a member of is sure to understand. (I'm supposed to have 5 in-store as much as possible, to keep my membership. The glass group expects glasswork to be the focus of my shop, which it is - so as long as glass outnumbers other things, I'm kosher.)

In the meantime, between glass and ACEOs - I have got to get busy! I will be in a showcase on Easter Sunday - my first, and hopefully it will surprise me on how much traffic I will get. Obviously, I'm not expecting too much but it never hurts to be prepared. Who knows? Maybe lots of people will gather with families and show off Etsy, browse through and buy some things.
I hope April is as good to me as March has been. That'd be grand! And it'd keep those naysayers on my doing this "little store thing" quiet, eh? Er... not that there are many of those.