Nifty Treasury

Thanks to ShiningDesigns for including me in her nifty "Bamboozled" treasury :D
I'm actually in two other treasuries at the moment, but I like this one a lot!


My brother's shop is finally open!

After spending two gruelling days teaching my brother and his wife their way around the computer and digital camera so they could maintain his shop (she's the official photographer), it's finally up and running!! YAYAY!

I never realized just how much about computers becomes second nature, having used them for a long time. The questions they asked were really surprising, but happily - they caught on quickly and were excited the whole time. My brother is a great potter, (his wife should really sell her photos, but is content with having photo duty for his shop) and I think this will be great for them both. It was tough going, but lovely to spend time with them - and be excited with them.

They learned how to manipulate their photos (she even got a pro Flickr account, yay!), list in their shop, and a few bonus tutorials on filing, GIMP, instant messaging, email, Paypal, Flickr, Outlook Express, photo editing, and general Etsy community guidelines. My broke-legged daughter came up with me (3 hr. drive) and helped watch their kidlets while we pounded away at our daunting task. We even got scrumptious chili and lovely bisquit and gravy breakfast. Hehe, the biscuits even made it into one of their item photos. :D

Next week? More of the same, plus blogging, Flickr, widgets, organization, net etiquette, and anything else that may come up. I expect quite a bit will.

I wish him and her ALL the best and hope they don't get too overwhelmed with all the things they had to learn in such a short amount of time.


The Big One

I loooooove this, it's my newest creation. I could not resist doing a large one, even though I will have to get a special box to ship it.



Yes. Another one, but this one is in silver (never done before) AND has a nifty kind of pear-shape thing going on with it. Woo!!

Green Flow Pendant

Green Flow Pendant
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another little pendant


Finally, a panel!

On this particular panel, I drew up the design then muddled over colors for quite awhile. Different ideas for colors kept running through my head, whether it would be a sun or moon, whether to use color for the bamboo or not... it was tough. I decided I'd go with my original idea for the most part and if I felt like it - do a similar panel in other colors another time. For now, I'm pretty pleased with these results.


a lucky break (ha! pun intended)

The article has been pushed back a bit (wasn't time-sensitive), I just found out last night. It sucks that I told everyone to look for it in this issue - BUT, I am so relieved to have been granted more time to build up my inventory.

With this broken arm -I'm going to need it!!



I broke my damn arm last night. Tripped on a hose, and fractured my left forearm by the elbow.

What timing. A mention in a local magazine tomorrow, and two shows coming up - and me without finished work (or very little, anyhow.) On the verge of tears, I went out to my shop to snivel, and gave grinding with one hand a shot. Slooooow, but it can be done.

Kind of like typing this. *sigh* Look for a couple new pieces in the shop in the next few days though.


Eye of the Beholder

I've been pretty busy lately, working on glass in preparation for a local Arts & Culture article I will be in soon (which will hopefully direct some traffic my way!) I also have a few shows I need to prepare for coming up in September and October.

I went from having to be away from glass, due to other circumstances, to having to get really busy with and quickly! My gears switched so quickly - I'm still reeling.

This piece didn't even have time to be part of my big push this coming Thursday, before a friend fell in love with it. I had set it aside 4 months ago because while I loved the design, I wasn't too hip on the color combination. Then when they came to take some photos of me working, I pulled it out because I could do some soldering on the backside. I decided just to finish it and from lots of peer pressure, and the need to get pieces done - I figured I'd go ahead and sell it.

My family and friends kept saying how much they liked it and thought I was just being too fussy about it. But, it turns out I didn't need to worry about it. The opposite happened! Another friend really liked it, and agreed to letting me put it up in my shop (adding to the gallery!) til she was ready for it. So, YAY Sharlene!!!