My brother's shop is finally open!

After spending two gruelling days teaching my brother and his wife their way around the computer and digital camera so they could maintain his shop (she's the official photographer), it's finally up and running!! YAYAY!

I never realized just how much about computers becomes second nature, having used them for a long time. The questions they asked were really surprising, but happily - they caught on quickly and were excited the whole time. My brother is a great potter, (his wife should really sell her photos, but is content with having photo duty for his shop) and I think this will be great for them both. It was tough going, but lovely to spend time with them - and be excited with them.

They learned how to manipulate their photos (she even got a pro Flickr account, yay!), list in their shop, and a few bonus tutorials on filing, GIMP, instant messaging, email, Paypal, Flickr, Outlook Express, photo editing, and general Etsy community guidelines. My broke-legged daughter came up with me (3 hr. drive) and helped watch their kidlets while we pounded away at our daunting task. We even got scrumptious chili and lovely bisquit and gravy breakfast. Hehe, the biscuits even made it into one of their item photos. :D

Next week? More of the same, plus blogging, Flickr, widgets, organization, net etiquette, and anything else that may come up. I expect quite a bit will.

I wish him and her ALL the best and hope they don't get too overwhelmed with all the things they had to learn in such a short amount of time.

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