Collector's Box

This is sooooo cool. :D

I got a convo from a very nice Etsy member asking if some of my boxes would fit art trading cards/ACEOs. They did, but we started talking about me making some boxes specifically for art card collections. YAY! I think it's fun to have in my shop, since I sell both ACEOs and stained glass - what a pairing up! heh
Oh! And the art card shown is my current favorite from my collection, from http://LaMaga.etsy.com - a phenomenal illustrator and wonderfully nice person from Spain.



This is the new stained glass panel. It is one of those pieces that I feel the need to explain, or apologize for the total abstractness of it, or get approval, or ... something.

So, since I can't trust myself to not do any of that - I'm going to stop right here. *stop*



I just wrote about 5 mid-sized paragraphs about what I have been up to since my last entry - and the whole post got eaten due to some glitch when publishing.

Now I'm miffed and will just give the bare highlights.

1. feeling creative now that I don't have as much personal time - as predicted
2. completed two more nifty ACEO cards
3. reading a science fiction book* which inspired a very abstract panel
4. the downside of finishing stained glass panels at night
5. peering in my own window at night, from the yard ...
a) possible confused neighbors
b) confirmed confused dog

* science fiction and my feelings on the genre were liberally discussed. Perhaps that is why my post was eaten by technogremlins.


depression glass

I think I'm in a slump. I cannot seem to get any designs or glasswork done. Knowing myself as I do, which is only in passing, this is probably just a phase. In a week or less- I won't be able to stop the flow of ideas. But until then, I feel cruddy about it - like I have a creative block. Glass depression.

On a happier note, my art cards have completely sold out on Etsy! Someone came in and bought the last three. Luckily, I had just finished 3 new ones the night before, but my son laid claim to one of them so I only had two to put up today. I will miss them! Since they're all sold as the original, I only have some digital pics of left of them. And the memories...


big sale, big deal

I made a big sale yesterday, which of course made me happy. But what was even more interesting, it wasn't the sale - but the person buying that just made me feel great.

I thought she had accidentally bought 4 aceo cards thinking they were part of the BOGO sale and sent her an email to make sure she actually wanted them all at full price. She not only did want them, she said some very nice things about them and how she intended to use them for her "inspiration wall". I was very flattered, and told her how I should put up my inspiration wall again (since I haven't yet in this house).

A little while later, I noticed I had made another sale. It was her again! Heh, she bought two stained glass pieces and two more art cards! I thought she was crazy and went off to my email to see what was up. In my inbox, was a message from her telling me that I must, by now, think she was completely nuts. I laughed! She went on to explain why she picked the pieces she did, what she intended on doing with them and a bunch of other interesting stuff. I replied in kind, etc....

This "stranger" made my day - and it wasn't the money or the compliments - they just were the vehicle that allowed me to sit back and remember the important little things in life, and how much they can impact you. Sometimes, it's as simple as reaching out and taking a moment to get to know someone, just even for a moment.

I know - I sound like a damn Hallmark commercial.