Twisty Roots

Twisty Roots
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We went back to Jay Cooke State Park today, on a different trail. It was full of moss and very cool cedars with roots like these.


one of THOSE trees

one of THOSE trees
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I could spend a load of time staring at this tree, with the river running behind it and the waterfall off to the right... *happy sigh*

I think it's a cedar.

Taken in Amnicon Falls State Park in Northern Wisconsin.


A hike a day...

reinforces my love of the outdoors and my fear of heights. The picture was taken on the Munger Trail southwest of Duluth, MN.

I also joined Twitter, which was kind of silly - since I have lost most of my internet friends over the years (15th year online!) and can't seem to find them. Ah well.

I was accepted to join IllustratedATCs.com which is way cool, but it's kind of difficult to figure out how to use. We'll see - lotsa swaps and exceptional artists on there, though.


The Two Chefs

Maggie getting a lesson in the fine art of bread making with Kathee. Beautifully made aprons by Jill.


mmm... Cookies

Oatmeal craisin! Our treat for a night of Mexican Train and good company.

Nice shootin', Tex

Nice shootin', Tex
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First target practice this spring (my Taurus PT 92, 9mm - 12 yds).

I'm no gun fanatic, hold no particular political views on it, nor do I shoot anything but paper. I just like to shoot at targets - it's fun.

That being said - WOOO! Happy with my first target day in over 6 months.


Early moss

Happy! Lush moss everywhere... on the Munger trail today with husband, daughter and dog.


Tonight's Entertainment

Shadowmaster's Tattooing in Cloquet... My sister-in-law's first tattoo!

Took 4 hours, mostly because it was her own design so the artist had to do her own sketches, work out details, etc. In the end - it was worth it. Hopefully I'll have pics of the tat soon.

The artist, Maura, was nifty. I might be going back to get some work done on an old tattoo of mine that needs sprucing up. She's my #1 pick now - since I haven't really been drawn to any other tattoo joint in the area.