Munger Trail Dogwalk

My nifty brother with his Otto and my Kiko on the Munger Trail - a short hike from our neighborhood.


Overheard conversation

Daughter (4): What do you want to do?
Son (14): I dunno.
Daughter: No! What do you want to do?
Son: Flush you down the toilet.
Daughter: Nooo!
Son: *picking her up and heading towards bathroom* C'mon - it'll be fuuun!
Daughter:*squealing and giggling* noooooo!
Son: Sure! There's LOTS of other Maggies down there - just like you!



Maggie at Sunshine Cafe

Miss Thang

blah blah blah

I took Maggie all over creation yesterday. Out to eat at Sunshine Cafe, where she was fauned over by the owner. Maggie drew a picture and it went up on the wall - she was so proud! Then we toodled here and there, did this and that. She got a fancy new nightgown that looks like a fairy dress. She LOVES it. Later, she became squeevil and commenced to get in much trouble for this and that towards evening. Rotten, ungrateful child. I was tough though, and wouldn't let her get away with it. She didn't get to wear her new nightgown/dress until today.

She was supposed to go to daycare today, but since she's been invited over for a sleepover with Caryn, I thought it best to keep her home so they don't wear out of each other so quickly. We'll (me, Carly, Maggie) will head over there around 7pm and big kids will play Mexican Train while the wee ones frolic and fight.

Hopefully, it will be fun. Last time it wasn't, the time before it was - always such a gamble.

Carly's art project she's been working on, the one with faces on black paper, is complete and her art teacher loved it so much, she matted it for her while Carly was away, then gave it to her. Carly is SO SO proud. We're getting a frame when she comes home from school, and we'll hang it in the living room. Which she is also extremely thrilled about. She's a-beam whenever it's discussed. Tamra saw it, got teary eyed and gave Carly a hug and said "law enforcement?!? bah - what a waste!" all snortily. Carly positively GLOWED. It is fun to watch her GLOW.

And it's chilly with flurries today. *grumble* All week, the dog and Maggie have enjoyed being out in the balmy weather. Now it's over.

Oh! I also sold an art card from my explexia.etsy.com shop, which was surprising, since I haven't promoted at all or done anything really - except relist last year's nonsold items until I can make more. Yay!



Yesterday, I was poking around on Amazon, because I had a coupon and bought 6 books for Maggie, with free shipping. I got:

The Funny Little Woman by Arlene Mosel (one of my most favorite books from childhood - she laughs "tee hee hee" and has a magic spoon that can make unlimited rice dumplings, and escapes the Wicked Oni from underground - it's like an Asian folk story)

A Beasty Story by Bill Martin Jr. (looked good)
The Granny-Man by Judy Schachner (same one who writes the Skippyjon Jones books, about an old Siamese cat who gets a new lease on life when they bring a kitten in for him to teach)
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. (Little's favorite childhood book)
Don't You Feel Well, Sam? by Amy Hest (another in the Sam books like Maggie's Kiss Goodnight)
Barn Dance! by Bill Martin (looked really good, about what happens in the barn after people go to sleep, has something to do with a scarecrow, too.)

Then from a non-Amazon seller for $11 because it's not in print anymore:

A Little Book of Little Beasts by Mary Ann Hoberman (my absolute all-time favorite childhood poem book.. 'pollywiggle pollywog, tadpole bullfrog, leaps on long legs, jug-o-rum jelly eggs, eats flies spied by flicker eyes...' I still can recite many of them!)

And until right now, I didn't have any inkling that I got 3 books by Bill Martin Jr... wow, odd.

Anyhow, Maggie's been getting 3-4 bedtime books read to her a night so I'm stoked that she FINALLY is interested, and couldn't help getting her some new ones for her own collection. YAY! I would have gotten tons more, but just put them on my shopping list for another time.


Steps forward

I've reopened my Explexia shop on Etsy, with nothing new added so far - just previous inventory from before my move to Duluth, MN. Amazingly, it's as if I never stopped selling.. my same hovering over the shop, anxiety over what to create and the lurking about in various areas of the Etsy community has started. But, I'm feeling a bit less worried about it - not too concerned with promotion or anything. It's all just There.

Sadly, I can't reopen the Hojpoj site yet, because all my finished pieces are buried yards deep beneath summer equipment and boxes in the garage - I can't get to them without supreme hassle, much less create a workspace. The whole work area will have to be revisited in warmer weather. So, the stained glass is on major hold.

Meanwhile, I find myself trying to figure out my daily schedule. When to do art?