Steps forward

I've reopened my Explexia shop on Etsy, with nothing new added so far - just previous inventory from before my move to Duluth, MN. Amazingly, it's as if I never stopped selling.. my same hovering over the shop, anxiety over what to create and the lurking about in various areas of the Etsy community has started. But, I'm feeling a bit less worried about it - not too concerned with promotion or anything. It's all just There.

Sadly, I can't reopen the Hojpoj site yet, because all my finished pieces are buried yards deep beneath summer equipment and boxes in the garage - I can't get to them without supreme hassle, much less create a workspace. The whole work area will have to be revisited in warmer weather. So, the stained glass is on major hold.

Meanwhile, I find myself trying to figure out my daily schedule. When to do art?

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