I finally went ahead and illustrated and listed a Moleskine Cahier notebook. It was so fun, and turned out pretty well. I was afraid I would screw it up, since I don't sketch it out first - but I used one of my favorite designs that I'm used to doing, so that took out the risk factor a little bit.

Where's the glass, you say? Well, it's in my head at the moment. (Ew, that sounded bad.) I have a new idea, but just haven't gotten out there to do it. The ACEOs selling so well, and the new PITT pens have really made me lean towards illustration right now. The glass is just waiting patiently for me. I have quite a few pieces up in the shop ... wishing some of those would sell.

Funnily, the scratched piece sold within a day or so. Apparently, it was a pleasing design (at a nice price).

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