the little things

I will say this: With my ACEOs selling out the same day I list them, my shop is looking pretty cool with all the colorful glass all lined up nicely on the front page, in order of listing date. Heh, I might actually have to change the name of the shop from a play on "hodgepodge" to "CJ's Stained Glass".

Having the shop is fun. I really am enjoying getting to know people, and being challenged to keep it fresh and updated. I upgraded my Flickr account to Pro status, which is also new and fun. Of course, with the shop looking so focused, my Flickr is a complete mess! Pictures of kids, glass, art, other people's art, a shot of my geranium... yea. The hodgepodge is thriving on that site, to be sure.

Right now, I'm just listing my little mini abstract freeform panels. They're nice looking and affordable, and quick to do - while I think on what my next bigger project is going to be. I also am busy feeling guilty for neglecting other sites, such as deviantArt and a few of my social bookmarking spaces. Ah well.

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