fickle me & end of a series

I ended up listing the scratched piece anyhow. It is so pretty, and the scratches are only visible when you are up next to it in the right light. Such a pity to let it sit unloved in a box - and my personal collection is large enough!I put it up for $10 less than I was going to sell it for, so maybe some bargain hunter will find it and love it as much as I do. I've already gotten a few requests to make more like it ... I was thinking perhaps the woman that wanted an ACEO collection box might enjoy the design and maybe I'd use it for that. But, there isn't enough of that glass left, so it means a trip to the supply store, which was in the works anyhow.

In other breaking news - I got my new art pens!!! The FedEx delivery guy was laughing at me because I literally bounced out of my door to get the package from him. Then I bounced around the kitchen for awhile before I even opened the box. *happy sigh*

So the first series of rabbit art cards is officially over, here's a link to the entire collection: Rabbit Series 1

On to Series 2. WooooHOOO

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