keeping stocked

I'm having a bit of trouble keeping my ACEO cards stocked. I have an absolutely fabulous person who loves them - and buys them out the minute I put them up. This is sooo cool! But, it is hell on my stock for the shop. Luckily, the art card group I am a member of is sure to understand. (I'm supposed to have 5 in-store as much as possible, to keep my membership. The glass group expects glasswork to be the focus of my shop, which it is - so as long as glass outnumbers other things, I'm kosher.)

In the meantime, between glass and ACEOs - I have got to get busy! I will be in a showcase on Easter Sunday - my first, and hopefully it will surprise me on how much traffic I will get. Obviously, I'm not expecting too much but it never hurts to be prepared. Who knows? Maybe lots of people will gather with families and show off Etsy, browse through and buy some things.
I hope April is as good to me as March has been. That'd be grand! And it'd keep those naysayers on my doing this "little store thing" quiet, eh? Er... not that there are many of those.

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