gallery bound glass

Seven of my pieces will now be heading to a gallery.

It's a woman I am acquainted with through my brother, who has his pottery there, and I gave her the go-ahead to pick some items from my shop that she would be interested in having at her gallery.

That was back in February - and she selected the items last night. It's all good, but was momentarily shocking when 7 of my items were "sold" in one evening. I immediately called my brother to talk about it. I was a little thrown by it, only because I didn't see it coming. Also, I had just gotten to a comfortable spot in my online shop where I felt like the glass was looking good and I could take a little breather from the constant push to put up new pieces. And, of course, the whole money thing - if I sell it on Etsy, the money is 100% mine, whereas in a gallery I take a loss of 40%.

BUT, after talking it out with my brother, I decided that it's all good. The exposure in a new venue will be interesting, and it won't hurt to at least try the gallery gig (considering that's how most artists tend to sell their work, besides art shows). It's a new experience!

And, a big point, I should never have sat back and thought my shop was "good enough" - it's a good thing to be challenged to get more glass out there! In a way, it's a well-timed kick in the pants to quit being lazy, with glass anyhow.


  1. Wow congrats! That is awesome! :)

  2. good job! the work is worth it in the end! :)