Ha! Bet that title won't come up in any searches ...

I am feeling a bit stunned. Yesterday, seven pieces to a gallery and today two swell sales to a very wonderful repeat customer's mother, with a sort-of custom order on top of it. Woo!!!!! How cool. Feelin' blessed or lucky or something. *big happy sigh*

Finally, I did this little experiment that had been bouncing around in my head for weeks. It was fun, and I could totally see going way bigger and more multicolored with one of these.

I used to work with wire all the time - having made numerous mobiles and things for friends and family (even myself), but had never tried it with copper wire & glass. It turned out pretty cool!

On a side note - my shop is looking mighty bare. Good thing I got my hands dirty today again - priming myself for some major glass time coming up.

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