gallery on hold

Turns out the gallery folks weren't in any rush to get the items they picked, so I went ahead and relisted them since I have some interest in a few of them. *sigh* It wasn't bad at all, but having kind of "one of those days" anyhow.

The gallery will take whatever items of those they picked which don't sell in the next month, and perhaps even some to replace those that do. We'll see. It's still kosher, actually quite kosher, considering I could relist them easily and the gallery woman is totally fine with that.

I just didn't like the idea of them sitting around collecting dust when they could be for sale somewhere. In the meantime, heh - it feels kind of odd having pieces going back and forth from sold to available, but hopefully it won't matter to anyone. It sure isn't mattering to the lovely woman who is interested in this one, which had the most views of anything in my shop - almost double actually (before I had to relist):

I'm so glad it is finally getting more than a passing interest.


  1. Sorry the business with the gallery is being a little ... mm... nonlinear. Glad you were able to relist those pieces, though. The one you have pictured is beautiful.

  2. Thank you! It's all good, I can list until or if they sell, then just bring in the pieces to the gallery in a month. So far, I've sold two that wouldn't have sold otherwise if they were sitting in my closet.