THE wedding & industrial efforts

Putting a spit-shine on my best pair of Chucks for a 3-day event! People potentially coming from Italy and Budapest!

I am *not* the grand wedding lover, but even I'm anxious to see how my cousin's wedding will turn out. I'm so thankful my kids and brother will be there to hide behind. I loathe mingling and all that heavy-duty social stuff, but she's worth it - to me and my kids. Heh, here's me acting as if it's tomorrow, no no - not til the 6th of Oct. I'm just THAT stressy over it. Did I mention I am mingle-challenged? Small talk ... eep.

And I'm not just going because she has chosen my glasswork for some presents she will be giving out to some key people. I am pretty damn flattered ... kind of overwhelmed by it all, to be honest. (Hence the half-empty Etsy shop.) Delivery date: the 16th. This weekend. Oy.
Lots to doublecheck, polish up and package.

No, I'm going because she's the cousin I giggled with the most as a kid. And everytime I see her, I remember that. She's infectiously enthusiastic and also miraculously accepting, honest and open. I really don't ever remember her being any different. I suppose there are precious few people like that - so to me and my kids - she's worth getting swanky for and celebrating alongside. (As if we'll see more than a glimpse of her here and there.) And no again, I'm not kissing arse - she'll never read this because she's got more to do than I could ever even imagine (and voluntarily!!!) I just needed to say it somewhere.

Between getting her stuff out the door, and furiously working to get my inventory up for a brand new local apple orchard/art show/studio tour I'm involved in next weekend, there will be little time for worrying about what's happening online. If you see me online, I'm either taking a break or (more likely) procrastinating ... and you should shoo me back to my glass cave.

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