A Great New Hang-Out

Having been a patron of many all-day-breakfast food joints, I was overjoyed to find this little gem in Superior, WI. The prices are great (2 eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and toast for $3.65!), the food is yummy and the atmosphere is totally chummy. Seniors playing cards, everyone seems to at least be acquintances, and even a counter with stools! It's my new favorite eatery. But, come with cash, no credit taken. I wish it was open all night, too, as that seems to be the time I'm sitting with time between train runs. I still like it enough to share by taking a quick pic of the counter/kitchen area.


  1. Nobody commented on this? What the fuck is wrong with some people? Let them see a winking cat, though, and it's all "whoopdy-doo this and ladeedah that."

  2. Well, this was before I became a famous flasher.