Monday Morning

It's been a ridiculously annoying morning and I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet. I woke up, with a start, at 6:22am to the sound of Kate's door shutting. I looked around and saw a pile of dog poop on the carpet, which I cleaned up while snarling at Kiko. I took him out and noticed the sky looked like impending rain. Kiko did nothing except get bird white wash on his nose. I brought him in and flopped back on the couch. Kate came out and said she woke up too early, so she heads downstairs to watch TV. Why didn't she take out the dog when she first woke up? She says didn't know she should, even though I've asked her every day for a week. Kiko whined at the stairwell. I laid there and tried to relax... I look up again to catch Kiko in the act of defiling my carpet again. Had he been whining to go out or because his Kate was downstairs? I jumped up snarling and threw him outside. Cleaned up the mess and laid back down again, only to notice it was just starting to sprinkle outside. Screw the dog - let him get wet.
I started to wonder when Kate had to catch the bus, so I got up and asked her - 10 more minutes. Laid there, counting the seconds. Kate came up, and got an umbrella because it was raining a bit harder. She left, and I lay there a short while then decide to get the dog in - but as I walk towards the back door, I see the top of an umbrella through the window. What?!? I opened the door to see Kate, who had missed the bus. Not her fault, of course - it drove right past, earlier than usual, as she was crossing the main street. Growling and cussing, I tell her to bring the dog in and dry him off while I got my jacket on to go. It starts pouring in earnest. Grab the dog (no one is awake to watch him, kennel too small) and we all get in the Durango. It won't start, imagine that - doesn't like wet days. Try again, again, again and again. Finally it shudders to life, and I let it run to warm it up a bit. The windshield fogs up as we head out. Sheets of rain, lots of cars, smelly wet dog, and two nettlesome people. Drop off the kid and head home almost, but not quite, chuckling at my day thus far.

I'm home now, and the coffee is ready.

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