Two Score

I am 40 years old today.
I wish it felt more magical or surreal, but I'm not as surprised by the lack of magic in the world anymore. Maybe that's what getting middle-aged is ... The realization that 99.9% of the time 'this is all there is'. The other .01% is what keeps you going, hoping, searching, waiting and observing.

It's kind of pathetic, but in an endearing way. Castles of sand, that kind of thing.

Now.. where's my coffee cup? I've got mundanities to avoid.


  1. Happy belated!
    I know how you feel. On New Year's Eve I realized this is it. The year I get discounted. 50% off. 50/50. Half-baked. The big 5-0. When I was 40 I was entering middle-age with one toe, sampling it, not owning it. Now I'm firmly entrenched. It won't be long before I look back and think, "I was so YOUNG when I was 50." Hey CJ, you're young at 40. And better, honest to god. I think my 40s were my best years. You just don't care anymore what you look like or what other people think. I mean, you care a bit. Maybe more than you should. But it's not like you're a teenager anymore and give a good crap what any idiot thinks. Now you're selective about your idiots. Oh, and speaking of idiots, I do ramble. I hope someone threw you a big party.

  2. Thank you so much. I feel young (mostly, unless I'm confusing it with stupid) and I'm definitely selective about my idiots - welcome Cathy, most happily, to the fold!