How We Roll

We don't roll, unless walking can count as a roll. Semantics.
My husband left after 2 weeks home for another job in Nevada, much to the chagrin of Maggie. I'm okay with it, but he rolled out of here with our vehicle. 
For 5-8 weeks. 

It's not too terrible, just inconvenient. On the bright side, all this walking may help me look more like the Venus de Milo (re-armed) again, rather than the Venus of Willendorf, which is where I seem to be heading ...


  1. Arggh ... tough enough to be a single parent (even if its temporary) ... but vehicle-less!!!? I guess it will be worth it if he's planning on returning with bags of cash (hopefully the plan includes a wage and not a one armed bandit)

  2. Maggie has the most beautiful hair I've ever seen.
    You should seriously get that kid into commercials then you'll be able to "roll" in a limo.

    Very cute pix!

  3. Mark, god I hope he comes home with bags of cash from this job! Yea, it's a wage job, I sure as hell wouldn't have parted with my wheels so he could go play at the casinos. You're more than welcome to come down and hang out with me and give me rides here and there! That'd be fun for both of us!

    Cathy - she already thinks she's a princess, I couldn't take a celebrity/star complex on top of it! Oy vey. Yeeeesh!

  4. Walking? That's how we roll.