Photo quandary

I recently made this candle holder, which is easy to take good pictures of when it's light out and the sun is streaming into the house. (And lots of white paper laying about for a "light box".)

But I figure people will want to know what the holder looks like when there is a lit candle in it! Try taking pictures of THAT.

The glass is dark, the candle flame very weak for photos, but a flash completely ruins the picture. It's been a problem of mine for a long time.

Here is one of the pictures I ended up using, with no flash, lots of light behind me but not directly shining at me or my dark corner and me balancing my camera on a broom handle for a tripod (since for some stupid reason, if you turn off the flash the anti-shake thing won't work).

If there is ANYONE out there with an idea or tips on how to take photos in these conditions, this would be a grand time to speak up! I figure I have about 4 or 5 candleholders sitting in boxes because I cannot, for the life of me, get a good picture, since the glass is just too dark to pick up in a picture. In person, they are beautiful. So sad.

Ah well, that's my dilemma of the day. :D

(WHY do I always think "dilemma" is spelled dil-e-m-N-a?)

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