New Creation! Spirally Goodness ...

In my effort to find fun and chilly garage-avoiding items to make, I came up with this cool sphere:

It was quite the undertaking, considering every piece of wire was individually formed and shaped, placed together, new spirals made to fit and then finding the nuggets for placement. Considering it was my first one - I got pretty frustrated, but then figured some things out along the way. Like usual, I expect the next one to be easier.

I find I like it more just place randomly on a shelf or end table, rather than hanging. The tactile quality makes it hard not to pick up - and even harder to put down. And, like the pendants, it lends itself SO well to photographs that I took maybe 40 photos of it (then had to wade through the best ones, but there were so many that turned out well).

I already have ideas for other ones with a bit of a different twist to them. I can picture an entire basket full of these happy spheres sitting on my table, all different sizes. *happy sigh* Hard work ahead though - and I don't even know if people will like them! But I do, and that's what matters, eh?


  1. I love that. I am partial to these spherical types of pieces.

  2. Great stuff Hojpoj ! How do you do it? Great photos too !!

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous.

    I just wanted to stop by and say hi, and tell you that the gift I bought from you for Christmas went over reeeeallly well!! They loved it! When I have a little something ($$) extra, I plan on getting something for me! Your work is fabulous!


  4. This is absolutely stunning. Very well-done, I would even go as far to say ... perfection!!!! Congratulations on this beautiful piece.