Snow, Pomegranate & Secret Santa

I was standing outside thinking how beautiful the snow is today - all sparkly and beautiful, when the idea hit me to grab a pomegranate I had bought and play with it in the snow! The ruby red of the fruit and the sparkly white snow turned out COOL:

It made me wish I was a photographer, and could just snap photos like this all day. Well - I guess I can, but for no purpose other than to please myself. Which is okay!

I also received a gift from a Secret Santa exchange we were doing within our EGA group:

My gift came from one of our administrators (and internet superstar among Etsyians), Lis Kidder! She totally made it personalized and looks like she put a ton of work into it. THANK YOU, LIS! How very cool. It's soup season for me, and I was just getting annoyed that I don't have a spoon rest for all my soup pot stirring spoons. And voila - one in the mail! How cool. My kids were all impressed, too. Happy dance!

It happened to come with 5 other packages of Etsy purchases I made recently, so it was a super happy mail day. I can't wait to show all the things I bought, but it will have to wait until after Christmas!

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