Slife Three

Slife = slice of life:
A weekly bit showing our daily world,
shared with online friends to get to know one another better.

That is my morning view. Kidlet on the couch watching her two shows, munching on cereal while I drink coffee and go through my internet stuff. Although, for two days now, I've also been munching on cereal (trying to start a new good habit). Go Me!

Above is Kiko, our miniature schnauzer, mentioned in a previous post as being a neurotic pooper. But he's so much more than that, e.g. he's been outstanding in his role as miniature snowball collector and yard decorator. He also enjoys playing (although it seems more like fighting with gnashing teeth and non-stop growling) with his half-brother, Otto, at my brother's house when we get together to play Mexican Train.

Mexican Train is a game using a set of dominos going up to double 12s or, as pictured above, double 15s. Basically, you get a number of dominos, build a train with what you are dealt, then go on to play off everyone else's train or the "Mexican" trains until someone runs out of dominos. Players with dominos left, tally them up and lowest score after a number of rounds wins.
Generally we play it at my brother's house (where this photo was taken), but I used to play with my cronies from back home, which was where we hashed out all the specifics of our rules as compared to what you can find online. There are lots of tricky little situations that we just go with "house rules" on and some bits that are specific to OUR version of the game. If you ever find yourself playing the game and hear someone refer to an uncovered double as a "booger", they learned it from a friend or relative of one of my original group.
My husband's mother raved about the game and bought me a set, but never quite got around to telling us the rules. So, my friends and I figured it out and became addicted. It has snowballed to countless other homes and people, all thanks to one little lady who spends 6 months of the year in Baja California and the rest of the year toodling around the states with her husband in an RV. They avoid things like snow, but spoil us rotten when they visit.

This is the little snowman my middle and youngest daughters made today, because the youngest wanted to play and I encouraged the middlest to help her. I was worn out due to chipping ice and clearing sidewalks down to the concrete for the New postman, who refuses to walk on anything that may even remotely resemble snow and even expects me to shovel areas where there is no city sidewalk. I think he may hail from another climate. The trouble with breaking in a new postman is that you cannot break in a new postman. They break YOU in to fit THEIR varying habits.

See that blue hair on Kate (left)? We (re)did that yesterday. I bleached two lower sections of her hair, and colored one Kelly's Blue and the other Cherry Pop. She has gorgeous hair and admittedly, I wasn't too keen on letting her "wreck" it with chemicals - but after letting my son have a 14 in. mohawk it was hard to say no. Both my elder girls have colored streaks in their long hair, my only condition was that it be in the back and under a layer of their uncolored hair. It looks pretty cool, especially in a ponytail.

I apologize for the delay in getting this slice of my life posted and would like to offer you, who might have been waiting, this lovely sunset. We cool?


  1. We are SO cool.
    You told me your Slife would be boring... au contraire! It makes me smile all over the place! The sunset is beautiful.. wouldn't it be cool to be sitting outside in a camp chair watching it happen? And your girls and their snowman is very fun... looks like you had some great weather today. Us, not so much (but how the heck do I know, I was inside all day). I like Kate's hair but I'm always a little sad to see such beautiful natural hair coloured because when you're that young, your hair is magnificent and doesn't need any adornment. When you're old, you NEED to colour your hair and suddenly hair colour isn't fun at all.
    Mexican Train looks very complicated, sigh, but I find Twitter complicated so I'm sure I could handle it... cool graphic design!
    Kiko... what a cutie! I think he needs a pink sweater, though. Knit him one, will ya? Get right on that...
    I liked looking at your living room the best... I like to imagine other people's homes, where they sit at their computer, what kind of art hangs on the walls, if they have doileys, and how comfortable their couches look.
    Your couches look really, really comfortable.
    Just the place for hanging out and yakking.
    Pass the cereal, will ya Magpie?
    I have a sudden craving for lime green milk.

  2. Great Slife. I didn't get around to it this week .. I think I am an every other weeker. Your postman sounds like my garbage divas who won't pick up you trash unless it is presented in an aesthetically pleasing way.

  3. Your life is full of cute, wonderful and beautiful things. Kiko looks like a cheeky doggy.

  4. YAY! the snowman is artistic genius (i see your kids inherited your skills!), the sunset is gorgeous, and i'm eager for the day i get to ride the mexican choochoo with the crew, call ya boogers, and sleep on that nice comfy lookin couch with the adorable kiko. if maggie is anything like little was at that age, i'll expect to wake up with her big peepers glaring at me. hehe