Slife Two

Slife = slice of life:
A weekly bit showing our daily world,
shared with online friends to get to know one another better.

Started off the day taking Carly & Maggie to our favorite restaurant. It wasn't as busy as usual (lunch crowd and earlier breakfast crowd normally has a bit of a wait) but we didn't get there until around 10am. To understand our appreciation of this restaurant, an example of their awesomeness: Maggie's fruit plate came with blood orange, pineapple, kiwi and banana.
No lame melon filler that normally comes with kids' sides. 
We love Duluth Grill.

The obligatory stop at the damn grocery store, where we were all too full to have fun shopping and just wanted to get out of there. Bleah. Excitement factor was nil.

Later, at the stripmall where we stopped to do some little errands, we parked near this vehicle.

There was a small space wedged out for the driver amidst all the junk & mail that comletely filled this truck's cab. Carly & I discussed whether or not the person gets ticketed frequently, what their house might look like if this is their vehicle, etc. We'd never seen anything like it. I'm still mystified and intrigued by it.

My day, until 2pm, was spent at some barely functional level of agony regarding my lower back. I picked up some Ibuprofen, got out the heating pad, had half a cup of Slopehugger coffee from Stop'n'Jo, and sacked out on my bed for an hour listening to 'This American Life' podcast. 
I FINALLY feel better!


  1. First of all, I have never SEEN anything like that truck full of junk. Absolutely gross. It's the kind of thing you see on talk shows sometimes where rat packs are cleaned out-and-up. Send the license plate # to Oprah. Did the truck stink? Was it falling apart? It looks pretty rusty. Can you imagine living like that? Wow. It's a story waiting to happen. Reminds me of a homeless woman I wrote about once. (hmm.... I sense a blog happening....) Really intriguing picture.
    Second, your celery is fresher than mine. And Maggie is very cute hanging out in the corner. Where was Carly???
    Third, maybe first: I want to eat at the Duluth Grill (whine).
    Fourth: I still want to eat at the Duluth Grill. Is that where the personal pie is???
    Fifth: What does Slopehugger mean? What's a podcast? What's This American Life? Cool, your heating pad is from Walgreen's. What's Walgreen's like? We don't have Walgreen's here.
    Seventh: Oops, I missed sixth.
    Sixth: Your slife is better than my slife.
    To summarize: fresher celery, Walgreen's, intriguing garbage truck, cute Maggie, mysterious Carly, time in bed with heating pad and designer coffee and a podcast, whatever that is.

  2. I agree the celery looks FINE in Duluth.

  3. so, our first stop when i make the great escape '10 to duluth will be the grill. cuppa joe, (prilosec), and then we'll hit all that scenic outdoors stuff you're hiding out there :).

    i will be thefting slife soon... very soon. not sure if everyone will really want to see what 40 different docs offices/pharmacies look like, but toooooo bad. heh. what will be amusing is if doppelganger lets me post the vids of his doped up sleep eating from hospital stay #2.

    that truck is a work of shart. that's a new brookeism. i'm sure you can decipher it's meaning. someone was such a big fan of hoarders that they figured they'd take it on the road. i would have a marveled... and quite possibly have staked out just to see if the owner was as repulsive as the environ. i bet they smelled. may even have had a little disheveled birdie nesting in their hair...

  4. First - The truck is still high on my mind and I still don't quite believe it. I didn't notice if it stunk, and it was in alright shape. I figure that side mirror looked the worst on the vehicle because they couldn't SEE it - probably ran into things with it frequently. Brooke, I almost DID wait around to see who drove it - but then decided that could be hours and I had home/heaty pad/meds to get to...with smallish regrets though. I like "shart", too.
    Secondly, Cathy & Mark - obviously you two wouldn't know good celery if it smacked you in the garden center. There IS no celery in the picture, it's much, much further down the row. What you probably are looking at is bok choy and other not-so-exotic letuces. But yes, our celery is American Celery, therefore not only does it look way better but is also most certainly empty of any substance, like taste. heh Carly was busy keeping out of the camera's way - photophobic.

    Thirdly and fourthly, I will gladly take any visitors to Duluth Grill for their own personal pie!

    Fifthly, a Slopehugger is a fine hot coffee concoction with mocha and coconut flavors - named to lure the oodles of ski/snowboard enthusiasts that frequent the Spirit Mtn. resort down the way from Stop'n'Jo.
    A podcast is an audio program, usually listened to by commuters, those with mp3 players or on the computers. 'This American Life' is an hour long show that's normally on the radio, but is also free to download as a podcast.
    Walgreen's is a wonderous place for pharmaceuticals/cosmetics/snacks/greeting cards/cheap toys/candy/assorted STUFF that I can get lost in for hours and spend mountains of money when thinking I'm only spending molehills.

    Sixthly, no my slife is just different than your slife. Which is cool, or these wouldn't be as interesting - it's fun to see your own slife through other's eyes, too.

    Seventhly, Brooke (and Mark?)- please DO theft slife! Look forward to anything you decide to post - it's just plain fun to see/read.

  5. LOL.. You know, I was looking at your photos after I posted my comment and it occurred to me: there IS no celery in this picture. So I laughed to myself over that. Then you commented on it and I really laughed, so hard that Dave wanted to know what was so funny and i had to explain the whole darn thing. So then he wanted to see my celery and so we blew it up and he thought my celery was pretty fresh (sorry Mark, but it does look crispy and crunchy). So there. my celery is fresh.
    Brooke is going to your house to drink coffee and explore stuff? Aw, I'm jealous.
    How come I can't go?
    (Stupid Dr. Seuss. Stupid border. Stupid passports.)
    I think you should move to Canada and get free healthcare.
    Don't listen to Mark... our celery is just as tasteless as American celery.

  6. YES! Everyone! Steal Slife!

  7. Love the "slife" feature! It makes me want to do it. :-)

    There's a lady who rents a studio at my art space whose car looks like that. Her studio also looks like that, though not filled with art supplies in any way.

    We even spotted a meat tray in her car, with bits of crusty meat still adhered.