Investigating Beargrease

Photos from the start of Beargrease 2010 (sled dog marathon) that we went to today.
The marathon starts in Duluth and is a 380-mile endurance race to almost the Canadian border and back, through the Sawtooth Mountains along Lake Superior's North Shore.

(The man above is/was racing against his son.
Good article on the mushers here. )

These dogs were raring to go - and loud!

Ready, set ...

(I snuck into VIP area for this. shhhh)


  1. GREAT PHOTOS! I love the last one especially (and also the fact you snuck into the VIP area). What a beautiful day you had... love those frosty winter days when the snow is so white and the sky so blue. Hope you had fun! Sounds like you did!

  2. that looks like a blast. i always thought the dogs were fluffier... of course, you said it was a long race, so maybe they are by the finish line? anyway, cool!

  3. It was fun, although I think it might be more fun at the finish line or checkpoints - cheering them in.

    Carly and I were suprised at how skinny the dogs were too. We decided that these dogs are for speed, and the bigger dogs (malamutes) tend to be for hauling. The sleds for these dogs were pretty bare and streamlined for speed.