Today's Rationalization

Pictured above is my blooming geranium bonsai.
I'm quite proud of it and it's lovely photogenic lines.
As a serial destroyer of proper bonsai trees and shrubs,
a gentle suggestion was given to me
to try taming the precocious geranium,
as it might be easier on my conscience and pocketbook.
It's aesthetic lines and startling blooms remind me that,
although my paths may wander without comprehensible reason,
occasionally I am rewarded with unexpected beauty.


  1. reiterating my fb comment... this so rocks. the photo is as incredible as the bonsai itself... great framing against the frosty window. as soon as my little frog with a snail hat wallpaper has worn itself out (i'll have to share this with you too), this will be next to grace my puter :)

  2. I feel like I'm stalking you but I really like your blog. Is that weird?

  3. Wow. This is fantastic! Did you groom this one yourslf?

  4. I don't know if "groom" is the word. "Ravaged" has been used...