slife one

Slife = slice of life: 
A weekly bit showing our daily world,
shared with online friends to get to know one another better.

Had a bit of fun before clearing off the truck.
Carly (18) called me a dork when I came inside, but was laughing.
Maggie (5) thought it was funny and explained where the nose, mouth and ears were located.

The hallway to preschool class causes a bit of vertigo for me,
or perhaps it is having a child just starting
another long trek through 13 more years of school.


  1. This is SO exciting!!!! I didn't guess you'd drive a truck. And a Dodge, at that!!! (Are there any other kinds??? Dave thinks not.) Maggie's school reminds me of a subway station... looks very new and shiny and funky. I love this taste of your world. But now I WANT MORE!!!!

  2. It's not actually a truck, it's just easier to say than SUV. And yea, her school is pretty nice - I rarely get to see it full of kids though, since the preschoolers go in at off-times of the regular gradeschoolers. The halls might not be so warpy when filled with children.
    I'm glad you enjoyed my extremely boring post - but then again, that's slife. ;)

  3. YAY! truck face made me grin :) - much needed! today will likely be screwy for me again, but hopefully after it's over i'll be able to relax, dangle with you a bit, and look a bit more like your trucks expression.

  4. Ha! Glad you like it, Brooke! I hope your day is more relaxing - sounds like you've been jumping hoops as per usual. Some dangle time would be good.