I woke up this morning in a great mood.
Coffee, good kids, easy-going plans for the day. 

It was dismal outside. I don't mean it was raining, which it was. I don't mean it was dirty, which it was. I mean it was dismal - the kind of day that tries to suck the joy right out of you. The grey clouds hung low, so low that the tops of tall trees were hazy. The top of the high, hilly spine that is the headpiece to Duluth's bed by Lake Superior wasn't even visible. It was drizzling, then raining, then nothing, then sleeting, then ... The snow was a foul mix of sand, dirt, exhaust, trash and who knows what else. Between the drippy, sloppy sounds, the chilled humidity, and the greasy blurs of grey/brown - every sense was regaled with DISMAL.

But, I wasn't depressed, despondent or even a little blue.

I noted the dismal day and kept right on laughing, cracking jokes and smiling at anyone who looked my way. Flashing my teeth, spreading a little joy and dancing through the puddled parking lots - I kept the dismal at bay. I was going to take a picture of the dismal day, to try to capture just how horribly dreary and ugly it was... and then I noticed how bright my jeans looked against the nasty concrete sidewalk in front of the hardware store.

Friends located east of me on the globe were talking about what a beautiful, glorious sunny day their world was having. I think mine was just as beautiful and glorious. Why?

I have no idea.
But it felt good.


  1. And that's all that matters. Your jeans do look sunny. You must wash yours more than I do mine!

  2. GAH! today is even more dismal here than the last. raining and windy and just generally nasty. i need to bathe in whatever bottled sunshine you're hiding over there. speaking of bottled sunshine, here's my happy news to you... you can disable those ridiculous word verifications on here! if you go into customize, settings tab, comments "subtab" (i think i'm creating words again), it's one of the options there! YAY!

  3. I live in Florida. You know what? Bright sun gets old. Keep taking your joy with you.

  4. Dismal is in the eye of the beholder, methinks!

  5. Heh, it was a good day - thanks for the comments. If I could bottle whatever it was that made me so happy, I sure would!

    Brooke - I know about disabling those word verification things, just haven't because apparently it foils autobots. (er.. whatever they are) Let me know if you get spammed with crap or not. You can be my guinea pig, heheh.