Winter Beach

Here are few photos taken on Jan 8, 2010 on an excursion to the shores of Lake Superior with my daughter.

Temperature was 6 degrees.

All ice boulders and ice rocks on shore of Lake Superior. None of these are actually rocks, some are as large as 3ft across.

Icicle pool, about the size of a hot tub.
Not hot.

Breakwater on Wisconsin Point

Taken from the shoreline - new ice field created by incoming ice and slush from the lake.

Loose sand blown away from frozen sand, leaving beach detritus on small pedestals.

Me, freezing, but enjoying the ice beach excursion.

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  1. Drop-dead gorgeous photos. Especially the lighthouse, which could easily be any cover for any tourist mag in the area. The ice rocks are so interesting, so bright, so huge, like Liz Taylor's diamond collection. I was so happy to see you're back blogging again... and thrilled beyond reason to see you reading my blog. I just love this whole blogging community that develops. Too much fun.