Circle of Friends

I was given this award by Simon aka Skycycler (@skycycler on Twitter), which is an honor considering his exceptional writing ability, whimsical imagination and easy camaraderie with his peers. I'd like to give this award right back to him in spades.
While having missed many months of flash fiction - therefore many opportunities at getting to know many writers better - these people (and their offerings) stand out in my mind:

Shannon Esposito (@soesposito)
for her stories, especially: Birth of an Idol

Peter Etherington (@petherin)
for his stories, especially: The Distance Between Things

Jennifer Jones (@jentropy)
SnohoStories for the stories, photos and serenity found at her blog.

Stefanie Howerton (@SteferstheGreat)
52 Weeks of Wordage for her infectious exuberance and writing.


  1. Thanks, CJ! Hope to read more from you...am a fan of your art as well!

  2. Thanks very much, CJ! It's most gratifying to be mentioned in this way, especially by someone who does such great stuff as you. And your comments are always helpful on the #fridayflash's.


  3. Pffft - no problem at ALL, either of you. (And thank you for the kind comments.)

  4. You go, girl!
    (Pffft ... just think how short the Oscars would be if everybody just said pffft)