1st Pendant! (well, 2nd really)

I did it.

I wasn't going to do it, but I did it.

Yes... I made a pendant and listed it for sale in my shop.

I did not want to get into jewelry, but I had this little square of glass that I made into a pendant for myself. It was such a cool little pattern of color that I couldn't throw it in the scrap box, or add it to innumerable other squares in a whirligig - so I made it into jewelry.

It was kind of interesting to try ... bit of a pain to get the solder looking right, but rewarding to finish - and super fun to photograph. But the most addicting part was looking for pieces of glass that were right for a pendant. It was like a treasure hunt! Sorting through my glass, holding it up to my hand to see what it would look like against skin, checking it against different light strengths, finding the perfect little wisp or wave or color combo ... yep, I like that part. I made a small handful of varying pendants and will be listing them throughout the week. Wonder how they will fare? They were fun to do, but I will just be adding it to my list of things that are nice to attempt now and again. I wouldn't want to do them ALL the time.

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  1. Yay! I love stained glass jewelry. I think you should make more. :)