Today was supply day. My favorite day! I got more foil, solder, chain - and, of course - GLASS! Woo! I picked out some standard colors like red and green. Another couple of new blues in varying shades and textures ( I can't help it, the blue glass just screams at me for attention!), and some nifty other stuff that doesn't really fit a category other than ... something I didn't have before.

My supplier, Jean, is a great lady - I think we really click on tastes and style. She's very into free form and "art" type glass over traditional works. I try very hard not to go into her look, but if there was a person I'd be inclined to copy - it'd be her. Luckily, we're both open to sharing new ideas, but also very respectful of each other's art and try hard not to overstep stylistic boundaries. (Would that the whole world was like that.) She pointed out that she really loves my tea panel and how I did it, which made me feel great, considering how much I value her talent and time involved in stained glass.

We had a lot of fun today (2 hrs worth) just shooting the breeze, talking about techniques, selling, art fairs, business cards (she loves my new MOO cards), mosaics, and lots of other things. We even tried an experiment with some glass cutting. It failed, but I guarantee we'll be trying it on our own time - hoping to come up with a solution for each other. It's really always a treat to not only get supplies, but to also have someone I respect and enjoy being there. Well, of course she's there - she owns the joint. But, y'know what I mean.


  1. Its great to find a kindred spirit to share thoughts, tips, techniques with. Glad you have yours. I too like the teapot and the freeform style is where it's at.

  2. And thank you again! I really like free form, non-traditional pieces the best.

  3. Nice work! I love glass. I came to your blog because of a fellow etsian tagging me. Glad I did. I am tagging you the same way. Please go to my blog for the scoop!

  4. Oh thank you! I'll get on that very soon :D

    YAY! Tag!