a little bit o' fun

Okay - now, THIS one is special. It's a total whim piece that just happened. I let my fingers do the work and shut my brain off. Wheeeeeeeeeee! Is it a seahorse? A plant frond? Funky DNA? Who knows! All I know is I love it, my kids love it, and I had a total blast making it and can't quit looking at it.

Oh yes - it's fun with glass!


  1. this piece is really cool! it's so creative and unusual, and gorgeous, too.

    looks like you and i have similar taste in books. i like all the authors you list in your profile, and i read a lot of children's/young adult fantasy, too, like Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, author Garth Nix. i'm listening to A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore right now. :)