UFC & Chuck Liddell

Okay, this isn't about glass or art, just one of my interests.

I've been watching UFC since the late 1990's and have had a lot of favorite fighters. But Chuck Liddell has been my all-time favorite, hands down. He is so unorthodox and exciting to watch when fighting, and so laid back when not fighting, that I can't help but like him ... Even when he loses - which isn't often. Chuck even soothed my insane need to see Tito Ortiz get the piss beat out of him - not once, but twice.

But, he lost the belt last night after a nice long run of keeping it all for himself. I'm not worried about Chuck's loss of the belt last night though, he's a scrapper and will be back. I hope he bounces back with ease, and truth be told - I'm excited to see him brawl his way back up to the top. It's more fun watching them go for a belt than it is waiting for them to lose it (which they always will, sooner or later).

Alright. I feel better now. :D

Love ya, Mr. Liddell!

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