Gearing up

Heh, my mother stopped by to pick up her Mother's Day present and ended up with two presents! Turns out the little whirligig I made her was a bit too small for the stand, so she got the funky abstract piece shown in the last post (May 17th). It fit her stand perfectly - like it was meant to go on there. There was a little strangeness going on with the solder, so it's probably best I pulled it from my shop. Now my mom can keep her eye on it after I fixed it up a bit.

I have a few things in production now, but nothing I haven't done a similar item of before. Knowing there's this EGA showcase coming up, I figure I better have some pieces that seem to sell better than my large abstracts or designed panels. Trinket boxes and whirligigs will be my stock "seller" it seems, until I come up with something new that's popular.

Today has mostly been spent outside cleaning the back patio and outdoor rugs, corralling the kid and fixing some windchimes (although I may have picked too windy of a day for that little project). Next? Foiling the above mentioned items. *sigh* Where's a bon-bon when I need one? Or a margarita?

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