EGA Showcase

Here are all the items I made for the EGA showcase* that ran today (and will again - though I'm not in it - on the 31st of May, I believe). Boy, nothing like whirligigs and boxes to get those hard won hours eaten up. They take a lot of time, but are small enough I can't charge too much for them or no one would buy them! That's alright, it's not intricate work, just time consuming. The whirligigs are both sold (one to a happy repeat customer), but none of the boxes have yet. They will eventually, I'm sure. It'll be a nice surprise some other day.

Of course, I finished the whirligigs today and it rained all day until about 6pm. So much for good pictures I thought. But, I think the pictures I got of them turned out better than other ones before. The grass and trees were pretty against the copper ... made for very eye-catching photos and all done from my front porch. Yay!

I am happy I made a few sales and participated in another EGA event. I don't know how everyone else did yet. There's talk of a sale coming up too. I might opt out of that one, not sure though. We shall see!

My new tools arrived today - ironic they didn't get here in time for my massive production push, but all's well - I need to figure out a few things with them first. I also experimented with some jewelry (something I didn't want to get into, for various reasons, but it's fun to try something new after boxes and mobiles). Perhaps I'll list it, but I haven't decided if I want to go down that road yet. Time will tell, so will patience and talent. :D

*I'd link to it, but it's always changing. The showcase is only for May 24th and is linked to on the home page of Etsy.

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